Middle Years Program

Welcome to International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program at Angels International College!

At Angels International College, an International Baccalaureate World School, Students transition from PYP into IB-Middle Years Program which is an academically challenging framework for learners of age 11-16. This rigorous program-encourages students to manage their own learning which will extend far beyond their school years and understand and embrace connections between their subjects and the real world. At the core of this program is the learner profile, 10 attributes fostered in students that promote their development as responsible members of their local, national and global communities. Following are a few highlights of the program:

  • Five years program focusing on eight academic areas connected to the real world context
  • Subject areas include English, Mandarin, Arts, Mathematics, Design, Individuals & Societies, Physical & Health Education and the Sciences
  • Inter-disciplinary learning, meaning students learn across subjects about a concept or idea using a variety of approaches


This results in an education framework that promotes rigorous learning objectives, inquiry led concept based learning, international perspective and development of critical thinking.

Along with subject area, other most unique aspects of this program are the completion of a personal project and a service in action project by each student.

The MYP culminates in an online assessment for all subject areas that assesses mastery and application of content in all courses. Angels International College proudly brought one of the best IB MYP results in the world for the graduating batch of 2017-2019 as our learners achieved 100% passing result. Our school and subject averages were well above the world average.

With almost a thousand school offering the MYP across the world, the program is fast becoming widespread. Rapid changes in world’s economies aided by a phenomenal growth in technology require our children to learn different skill sets. Memorization of information will not suffice students any longer. It is important to note that the most important reason for introduction of unconventional study program like MYP is to prepare our students to think critically and make informed decisions that they are able to justify rationally. The world has become a global village and we strongly believe that IB MYP through its challenging and unconventional methodology of learning will help our children become useful components of this ever changing global village in years to come.

We hope that our students take full advantage of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program while they are at AIC. We are excited at being afforded the opportunity to assist our students in having the most rewarding MYP years with us. Ultimately what is most important to us as their teachers and mentors is to prepare them according to international standards and become informed and responsible global citizens.

We look forward to working with parents in a long and successful partnership that spans six precious years of each student’s life!